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The whole global market in your hands

Find who imports or exports any product, and get their direct contact

The whole global market in your hands

The only app with the 3 tools you need to expand your business



Find the info on the companies that interest you the most


Find companies all over the world, based on the market they trade in


To find out precisely how your product moves around the world

Access the profile of over 20 million companies in any industry, activity and country

  • Corporate data (billing range, employees, telephone)
  • Emails
  • Audience by country
  • Related companies

Find importer and exporter companies of any product in whichever country you select

  • Companies identified, based on data from real transactions
  • Instantaneously get all the information for any query
  • Download complete lists in Excel files

Discover the importations and exportations of any product and country

  • Search your product by keyword, HS code or index
  • Select any combination of countries
  • And get: historical evolution, market size, ranking by countries and unitary prices.

Real data so you can make the right decisions



millon companies

millon email addresses